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Procedure for air duct cleaning

Our technician starts with a tour of the property with the client to locate where vents, main ducts and furnace are. It is helpful if all the vents are visible if they are behind the furniture or under a rug.

Then our technician will connect HEPA Air Care Negative Air Machine (vacuum machine) to an opening in the main duct line. If it is first time cleaning, technician might have to drill a hole, which will have a cap after cleaning. This machine will collect all the dust and dirt.

After that technician usually starts cleaning the vents from the top of the house. All supply vents will be cleaned with the high pressure that will push the dirt and dust towards the main duct.

All returns vents will be opened and brushed with the “octopus” tool to dislodge packed dust and dirt and air will sweep all that towards the main line.

Our technician will make and send you before and after cleaning pictures. Then all main lines will be cleaned through access openings. We will check your filter and see if it needs to be changed. If you provide a filter we will change it. We can apply sanitizer treatment to kill all dust mites, bacteria, mildew and odors.