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How often do I need to change air filter?

How often do I need to change air filter?

It is very important rule to remember to change your air filter regularly. Many people completely forget about it and only do it when they clean their air duct system. There is no common rule how often one has to change the filter. Simply change the filter when it is dirty and how often it has to be done depends on many factors like: pollution in the area where you live:

If there are pets at home, pets have tendency to shed, some are more and some are less, but it all gets trapped in a filter. People with pets usually change filters every 60 days.

How many people live in a house

If there was any construction work in a house. Even if you cover the vent, particles of dust can still get into the air duct system. Change filter right away after any remodeling in a house.

And, of course, type of the filter. Some filters can last longer time than others.

For the average type of filter, manufacturers recommend to change them every other month, but for some people it may really depend on their own preference and need. Do not forget and consult with professional technician if your filter needs to be changed.