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Bad air flow in upstairs rooms

If your air conditioner is on but some upstairs vents are not blowing air, you are likely dealing with an undersized furnace or air conditioner. Upstairs vents usually will be the ones furthest away from the unit. This is one of the reasons getting your air conditioner’s size right is so important. The only permanent solution is to have the unit replaced. Another reason is that your air conditioner is old and does not make enough cold air to reach to upper floors - a solution is also to contact the HVAC company and consider changing your system. Some people assume that dust blocks airflow and try to solve that by ordering an air duct cleaning service. Of course, it is good to keep duct lines clean and the house dust-free as much as possible, but it will never resolve the airflow issue. We suggest first, resolving the airflow issue with the HVAC company and then arranging duct cleaning.