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Air filters

Advantages of electrostatic air filters

There is a big variety of filters on the market for purpose. Different filters fit different needs. Do your research and consult with the professional technician before making a purchase. An advantage of electrostatic filters first of all is that you buy them once, and you do not to change filter every 3 months. An average cost of a filter is about $15, if to change it every 3 months, what is average for the filter too, that will sum up to about $60 a year. Electrostatic washable filters cost between $50 and $60 and you do not have to change them. So this type of filter will be way more economical way and a better pricewise.

Disadvantage of electrostatic filter

Unfortunately nothing is perfect, and if electrostatic filters work magically and pay for themselves in a year, everybody would just buy them. They do have their cons. Electrostatic filters catch light dust out of air using static electricity, however it does not work as well with the larger dust and debris, as well as mold spores. Even average micro particle performance rating disposable filter would work better than electrostatic filter. All not filtered dust gets to the air conditioning coil and gets into the house. Also all this dust gets stuck on the air duct walls and even on the walls of the house. This type is electrostatic and is very difficult to clean. Besides that after collecting in the coil for a while your house starts to smell dirty. If you have somebody with asthma and allergies in a house, better to get high quality disposable filter. Another disadvantage of electrostatic filter is that it is not that easy to wash. It is not just spraying it with water and Voila! This type of filters have several layer, usually between eight and ten. Every layer has to be taken out and cleaned separately. This takes time to clean. Also because of so many layer, electrostatic filters block air flow by 50 %. So your air conditioner needs to work twice harder and wears out quicker. Weigh pros and cons of electrostatic filters before you decide to purchase one.

Filter sizes

Once you decided which type of filter works best for you, it is very important to find the right fit. Air filters size by thickness, height and length. If filter is larger, it would not fit and if it is even slightly smaller, it will have a gap, where dust and debris can get into the system, and the entire air duct system will have to be cleaned. The most popular thickness for the air filter is 1’’, and height and length can really vary. You can remove your old filter and check the size, it should be written on the frame, and however we saw many filters that were not the right ones. When you clean you air duct system, you can ask a technician to check your air filter size. Some furnaces have custom size. In this case contact the manufacture and find when you can purchase this type of filter.