A water damage loss is only the beginning. Once you have a flood, you can be sure that mold and mildew are on their way...
AAA Duct Cleaning professionals turn your interior “swamp” into a desert! Using the latest drying and extraction techniques, we are able to eliminate all types of water damage in Washington DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia areas. From the burst washing machine pipe, to sewage contamination, or the catastrophic storm where outside water invades your property, we offer a complete scope of water restoration services.

Each type of flood requires its own special protocol to guarantee that mold and bacteria don’t proliferate in your home or business!
Our powerful safe cleaning products fight bacteria, germs, and mold at the molecular level, destroying them beyond what’s visible at the surface!

Our professionals also know where to look to detect areas susceptible to mold, and make sure that whatever needs to be addressed is done so in a way that does not further disturb your home or business environment.

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